The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere provides a systematic and proactive approach to the process of setting up a new life in a new environment. It gives readers a sense of control over what can otherwise be experienced as an intuitive search in the dark for the ‘right way’ to get settled.

Who is this tool for?

In our increasingly globalised world, young people move to new cities or foreign countries in search of further education or career opportunities. Students are prepared for their next academic step or trained for the work they will do. Most often, however, they are not consciously prepared for the adjustment they will face as they settle into life away from the familiarity home, their family, friends and trusted routines.


The Mobile Life is a tool that can be used by programmes that seek to prepare, and support students through, this period of significant life change. For example:

  • Secondary school leavers programmes;
  • University/college support programmes for incoming new and/or foreign students;
  • Business and management courses that prepare students for internationally mobile careers

What do readers gain?

The Mobile Life is designed as a tool to help people through periods of great personal change that results from moving to live elsewhere.


This book helps readers develop:

  • An understanding of the impact moving has on their identity, self-esteem and sense of belonging;
  • An awareness of their personal approach to change;
  • A strategy for designing the shape and quality of their future even before leaving home;
  • Techniques for leaving an established network of friends, family, colleagues and key acquaintances behind, and a plan for keeping in touch in the future;
  • Strategies for establishing a new home, a new social network, and new routines.

Inspirational and aspirational

Written as a practical, easy-to-read ‘how to’ guide, the book takes readers through the entire process of adjusting to the change of moving: from the initial decision to move, through the period of transition, and finally to being fully and happily resettled.


Furthermore, the book chronicles the gripping historic voyage of 20th century polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. The lessons learned from his epic quest to cross the South Pole provide an inspirational guide for adjusting to major change in life.

Why the book’s message is important?

The Mobile Life makes readers conscious of the knowledge, skills and attitudes they develop during the process of building a new life. Leadership, self-motivation and flexibility, for example, are highly valued abilities in today’s fast-paced and globally connected world. Readers who have been through the process once are able to identify the tools they use and apply the approach to any future change in both their personal and professional lives.

Who are the authors?

Authors Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker bring to this book their years of professional research, writing and training programmes as well as their personal experiences of moving internationally as children and adults, and of raising their own children internationally.