Organisations that send employees abroad or who hire internationals from abroad spend time and resources on ensuring that their new team members are quickly effective in their new positions. However, all the studies on international mobility show that failure of an employee or his or her family to settle at their destination is the most common cause of an early termination of their assignment.

A tool for supporting your globally mobile staff

The Mobile Life provides a systematic and proactive approach to the process of setting up a new life at a new location. It gives employees and their families a sense of control over what can otherwise be experienced as an intuitive search in the dark for the ‘right way’ to get settled. Designed for adults of all ages, this book helps readers develop:

  • An understanding of the impact moving has on one’s identity, self-esteem and sense of belonging;
  • An awareness of one’s personal approach to change;
  • A strategy for designing the shape and quality of each family member’s future even before leaving home;
  • Techniques for leaving an established network of friends, family, colleagues and key acquaintances behind, and a plan for keeping in touch in the future;
  • Strategies for establishing a new home, a new social network, and new routines

Who is this tool for?

Both global mobility managers and recruiters, will find this book to be a low-cost support tool for international staff.  The Mobile Life accompanies international talent through the process of resettling by developing their ability to manage personal change and lead their families through transition.


The book is based on change management theories and practices. It is written in an easy-to-read style with practical ‘how to’ sections that are easily applicable to every reader’s personal circumstances.

Readability is enhanced through the story of the historic voyage of 20th century polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. The lessons learned from his epic quest to cross the South Pole provide an inspirational guide for adjusting to life’s major changes.

Why the book’s message is important?

The Mobile Life makes readers conscious of the knowledge, skills and attitudes they use during the process of building a new life. By consciously building on abilities such as leadership, self-motivation and flexibility, the book reinforces a proactive approach to managing change in both the reader’s personal and professional life.

Who are the authors?

Authors Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker bring to this book their years of professional research, the writing of articles and the creation of training programmes. The authors each have a lifetime of personal experiences of moving internationally as children and adults, and of raising their own children internationally.